Hello and Welcome!

We are Tony’s Huddle and we welcome you to our webpage and blog site.

Tony’s Huddle began as a group of family and friends who got together and walked at the ALS Walk in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012 on behalf of Tony Conway, who had recently been diagnosed with the fatal illness. We needed a team name to participate and thus, a Huddle for Tony became a reality.


The 2013 Tony’s Huddle on the Charlotte ALS Walk. Holding the banner are neighbors Julie Cincera (left) and HelenShockey. Tony’s Dad holding Ryan are center with Caylie Cincera walking to the left and slightly behind Tony. Peeping over Helen’s right shoulder is Patti Burbank.

A year later in April 2013, Tony, with his daughters Cora and Louise traveled down from Virginia to lead his team on the walk around the South Park area of Charlotte. Despite his deteriorating mobility, Tony walked the whole course with his Huddle and in doing so he really became the catalyst for this site.  Below is the first official Tony’s Huddle team photo from 2013.


The famous 2013 Tony’s Huddle Team. Left to right: Julie Cincera with stroller containing a very tired Louise Conway, Caylie Cincera, Allie Cincera, Matt Cincera, Martin Conway, Maddie Cincera (back), Ashlie Cincera (middle), Cora Conway (front), Helen Shockey, John Conway, Tony Conway, Pauline Conway, Patti Burbank (back) Clare Conway (front), Julie Conway, and lastly an eye rubbing Ryan Conway. We love you all.

Tony was officially diagnosed with ALS on October 3, 2011 – his birthday, and succumbed to ALS on February 20, 2015. He died peacefully at home surrounded by his wife, his parents and his brother. An official memorial service was held at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington Virginia on Friday March 6. This site is just part of his legacy, of which the most important constituents are his daughters, Cora and Louise.

When we decided to launch this site, we had no problem in selecting a name; it had to be called Tony’s Huddle. We wanted it to be a place togetherness, support, comfort, energy and sharing. We all face challenges in our lives and we all need help from others at some point just to make it through. Despite his own serious challenges, Tony never lost his smile or his willingness to help those around him. He had the biggest heart and was at the epicenter of so many different huddles: of friends, of family and of colleagues, and so, significantly for us, he remains at the heart of this, his own Huddle. Tony endorsed the Tony’s Huddle team in a message from his own blog on April 26, 2014, the morning of the 2014 Charlotte ALS Walk.


The site is dedicated to Anthony Peter Conway in the hope that his Huddle raises both awareness of, and funds for, the nominated charitable causes, and also that it proves to be a place with a heart as big as his.

We will be featuring generally appropriate news, sport and music posts as well as highlighting the wonderful work and aims of those beneficiaries: The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research, The Celtic FC Foundation, and Mary’s Meals.

Thank you for dropping in to see who we are, leave a message or post a comment – but please look in again when you have a chance and of course.

Please pass the word.


Sitting in the shade: Tony with his Mum, Pauline during our first visit Parents weekend visit to Virginia Military Institute in 1997. One of Tony’s important personal huddles.