Tony’s Book


In November 2014, Pauline, Tony’s Mum spent time with him in Lexington on one of her regular visits. When she returned home she remarked upon how unusually depressed and down Tony appeared in comparison with how he had always been previously. From that observation by Pauline arose the book that many of you now know so much about.

Inspired by the opening lines in a Nik Kershaw song [If you wrote a book with a page for each memory] I set about trying to collect and compile an album of messages to and about Tony from any and all of those who loved Tony and with whom he had had such a positive connection. My aim was simply to show Tony in a very tangible way, how much he was loved and by so many people across the world. I was very clear that those who contributed had to speak directly to Tony and speak in the present.

I was overwhelmed by the response which is in itself a testament to the richness of Tony’s life. Over Christmas dinner in 2014, Pauline and I told Tony about our intentions and took advantage of that opportunity to secure the contact details for more of Tony’s friends. It took two months to collect, collate and organize those wonderful words from across the world into the book finally emerged. It ended up being 217 pages in length, and had contributions from over 100 wonderful people who took the time and trouble to talk to Tony in his darkest moments. Thank you to all of you.

We were able to share the contents with Tony during his last few days: his brother Martin, his Mum Pauline and I read those loving words to him as he slipped in an out of consciousness. He tapped his Mum’s hand in response as he told her he would, and we know what it meant to him.

We invite all guests on here to read the book and see what a beautiful and happy child Tony was and to enjoy the wonderful stories and pictures of his life, his achievements and his loving legacy.

Tony’s Book