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Humanity often seems to be in short supply.

At times, we have all been treated with less humanity than we think we deserve. Conversely, that also means that some others of us are responsible for treating others with little or no humanity.

Action and reaction, impact and rebound, intended and unintended consequences – all of us are connected.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but we like to persuade ourselves that we get it all – even when we truly know we don’t. Dehumanizing someone is always just a lazier way to what we think is our own improved self-esteem.

In the modern age especially, tolerance has become a real test of our humanity, but there is a paradox within that concept: the apogee of tolerance is tolerating the intolerable – even to an uncomfortable degree.

A bit like me saying “I can tolerate everything except intolerance.”

As Gordon Sumner once sang – we all share the same biology, regardless of ideology – before he went on to sing about how fragile we are.

When we demonize others, we dehumanize them – which in turn makes it easier for us to treat them cruelly.

A lack of humanity in how someone treat others does so much more though, it actually dehumanizes them too. When we conveniently dis-engage our true conscience, we pay a heavy price: we lose our own humanity.

If you ever wondered where we all fit in to the grand scheme of things, here’s a short video that says it all eloquently.


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