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Tony learned to fly a plane before he learned to drive a car – seriously; when he was with the ATC in Erlegh, Reading.

Later when he had ALS he did a parachute jump over Virginia.

This is for Tony.

It’s also for all the folk on CQN who have helped sustain Pauline and I over many difficult months.

Truly, No One Walks Alone.

For this video, one man loved a song, and he found that others like the same song. He asked for 1000 rock musicians to get together in Cesena, Italy to play the song live.

On July 26, 2015 they did – all one thousand of them.

“Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters is their chosen song.

The result is just wonderful. In times such as these we need things that bring us together.

Look at the joy on the faces of the performers.

Just shows what people get achieve when they get a notion in their head, get together and follow through.

I actually appeared on stage at the Foo Fighters first ever UK gig…true story…I did not spoil the show..

No One Walks Alone



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