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At Celtic Park this Saturday, December 19, Celtic Football Club will unveil a statue to Billy McNeill. The event will take place at 1.00pm outside the front of the ground. Billy captained and managed Celtic from 1957 to 1991, arguably encompassing their most successful period. His Celtic credentials are frankly […]

Statues are for Legends

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On January 17, 2009, a Saturday, Pauline and I had a couple of things to celebrate; it was Pauline’s birthday and coincidentally, we had also arranged to go to a party at a friend’s home in our neighbourhood. Shortly after arrival there, with drink in hand, I got chatting to […]

A Un-Sullied Manhattan Memory

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Pauline and I know exactly where we were on December 8, 1980 – when we heard that John Lennon had been shot and killed outside his home in Manhattan, New York City. We had grown up during that period when the business side of popular music had discovered a new […]

Not a Nowhere Man

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Humanity often seems to be in short supply. At times, we have all been treated with less humanity than we think we deserve. Conversely, that also means that some others of us are responsible for treating others with little or no humanity. Action and reaction, impact and rebound, intended and unintended […]

A Small Blue Dot

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One of our chosen good causes, Mary’s Meals, had some very good news recently. They have been officially adopted as the International Charity Partner for EPL club, Southampton FC. The club recently made an announcement on their website:- “Southampton Football Club is delighted to announce that Mary’s Meals will become its […]

Congratulations to Mary’s Meals and Southampton Football Club

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  We are biased of course, but we think Gerry is very funny. We hope you agree – but make your own mind up. Introduced by fellow Canadian, William Shatner, (Captain Kirk for Trekkies)-  here is Gerry in Montreal in 2007. No One Walks Alone

Gerry Dee Stand Up circa 2007..

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“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” Who said this?     Business Executive, author and chemical engineer – Jack Welch With thanks to @billynowell

Words You Wish You Wrote #20

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Pauline and I are in New York City for a business/personal trip. More precisely, we are in Manhattan with all the noise, grime, traffic and tourist traps that abound here. Despite the other distractions, I can only think of a baseball player who was born in Yorkville,Manhattan. Yorkville today is […]

An Awful Lot to Live For

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  We just returned from our journey to Scotland for Babs’s funeral in Kilsyth & Bishopbriggs on Monday, November 23. In these crazy times we were happy just to safely get there and back. Talking of flying.. This is the official Foo Fighters video for “Learn to Fly”.. For regular […]

Flying in a Time of Stress

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New fruit fly model narrows down toxic nature of C9orf72 mutation A new study led by Packard scientist Fen-Biao Gao has provided surprising clues as to how the C9orf72 mutation harms motor neurons and leads to ALS. Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) is associated with ALS and several genes are involved in the pathogenesis including […]

The Fruit Fly and ALS Research